What is CHAS?

The purpose of CHAS Accreditation is to simplify the contractor assessment by adopting a common standard in accordance with the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

By having CHAS Accreditation, you can show your commitment to health and safety best practice by displaying the approved seal. Along with CHAS, other members of the SSIP members include SMAS, Altius, SafeContractor, Acclaim.  There are 900 public and private sector organisations and 70,000 contractors registered on the database.


The CHAS Application process can appear extremely daunting if you have never applied before. We often speak to clients who have been told to become CHAS Accredited in order to be even considered for work. It might be your first-time trying to achieve CHAS or you just don’t have the time or resources each year to complete the application.

Why not let us take the weight off your shoulders, allow you to get on with your day job and complete the application for you. Our service is affordable, hassle-free and will save you a lot of time:

  • We quote an affordable fixed price with no hidden costs.
  • we will complete your application, identifying gaps within your documentation and providing compliant policies and documents where relevant.
  • We can submit your application within 5 working days.
  • You become CHAS accredited.
  • We have 100% success rate in assisting our Clients attain and maintain their accreditation

We also provide affordable competent advice contracts and can be your dedicated health & safety consultant if required.


It will cost you a bit of money to become CHAS accredited. However, the benefits of being a member of CHAS outweigh your original outlay, as you are more likely to win contracts and generate more money and business by having CHAS in place.

We are frequently told by clients and contractors that you have been instructed to become a member of CHAS mid contract or before you are even considered to be on a tender list. Therefore, it is commercially essential for you to have CHAS in place in order to win contracts, as you do not want to miss out on potential work and be excluded from a tender list.

  • CHAS Accreditations can create more work opportunities by enabling you to work with local authorities, hospitals, schools, universities and construction companies. You will be considered a CHAS approved contractor and are more likely to secure work with these organisations in the future.
  • CHAS brings credibility to your business; recognised as one of the highest standards of safety you can reassure your client that you are both professional and safety conscious.
  • CHAS enables you to tender for your own work. You may be a subcontractor with plenty of experience in your field but not have the health and safety paperwork and arrangements in place.
  • Many large organisations use the CHAS database in order to search for contractors. Make it easier for them to find you and increase your work opportunities.
  • In addition to the discussed benefits, an obvious advertising benefit is the use of the recognised logo. Many clients and contractors display the CHAS logo on their work vehicles, paperwork and email signatures to show their competency.

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